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Clearly Herbal® is the world’s leading herbal baby wipe brand. Made from the finest natural ingredients from around the world, Clearly Herbal® makes the most natural and environmentally friendly products for babies’ and children’s delicate skin.

Our herbal wipes have won several industry and consumer awards and are unmatched in the market place in terms of quality and effectiveness. They are the only wipes made from our unique combination of specially sourced natural plant extracts. Our Special Liquid Formulation Treatment™ is FREE from any harmful chemicals, preservatives, alcohol, chlorine, paraben, sodium laureth sulfate, optical brighteners, perfume or artificial fragrances. Clearly Herbal® Baby Wipes are probably the best baby wipes in the world. Pick some up today, your baby will love you even more.

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Clearly Herbal Baby Wipes

Unique Stay Fresh Packaging

Wipes need protection from air, bacteria, sunlight, temperature and contamination from human hands. With this in mind, we have developed our industry leading Stay Fresh Packaging. It is designed to maintain the high quality of Clearly Herbal® Baby Wipes at all times.

Our Stay Fresh Packaging Features include:

Click Top Lid: Many baby wipes dry out before used and do not reseal airtight. Our Click top lid ensures that the wipe is air tight, this provides users the guarantee that the wipes do not dry out and that the moisture in held within the wipes.

Silver Inner Lining: Many young babies skin and immune system is very delicate and is often prone to catching infections from a 3rd party if hands are not clean when touching wet wipes. Our proprietery Silver Inner Lining restricts most bacteria from growing, keeping each wipe fresh and clean for baby.

Clearly Herbal® + baby = happy baby and happy mom